Class Attendance Policy


Class attendance is mandatory.  Because this is a discussion class, I expect you to be present in class and prepared to contribute. 


I will take attendance each class.  If you miss more than 3 classes during the semester, every additional absence will lower your class grade by 2 percentage points. 


Example:  You have a 92 average and miss 5 classes.  Your final grade is an 88 (92-(2*2)), a B+.


For your first 3 absences, it doesn’t matter why you were absent.  (The first three absences count as “unexcused absences” regardless of the reason).


Absences after #3 that are (1) related to UNC athletics or (2) accompanied by a doctor’s note, may be made up (i.e., so your final grade is not penalized) by adding 2-pages on to your final paper per absence, and making the final paper a research paper, with at least outside 10 references and a bibliography.  Research papers will be graded as research papers, not as essays (i.e., my expectation will be higher).


Unexcused absences after the 6th unexcused absence may be made up by turning your final paper into a 10 page research paper + 2 pages for each absence after #6, with at least 15 outside references.  Your grade will still be penalized 6 percentage points for absences #4-#6 (2 per class).


Example: You have a 91 average but have missed 10 classes.  Normally, your final grade would be 14 points lower.  Instead, you may write an 18 page research paper, and be penalized 6 points for absences.


If you miss more than 14 classes, you will automatically fail the class.  The only exception would be a serious medical illness that required an extended hospital stay.  It is your responsibility to keep me informed of your situation during extended absences or I will drop you from the class.



I have read these rules and I take responsibility for attending class.




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