This web page provides links to the data used in the paper, selected responses to reviewers’ questions, and the computer analysis files.


Paper (pdf)


Data used.  Links to data sets and codebooks

NLSY data:

NLSY 1979 home page

1970 DAS data:

Detroit Area Study, 1970: Careers in Detroit

MCSUI data:

Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality, 1992-1994: [Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles]

UPFLS data:

Urban Poverty and Family Life Survey of Chicago, 1987


Responses to reviewers’ questions:

Memo #2, 5/2003 (includes additional analyses)

Memo #1, 9/2002


Download complete data and computer files:

Directions: The data and programming files are in Stata (version 8, but most files were written in earlier versions).  Download the file, unzip it, and type “do contacts” at the command prompt in Stata.  After running you can use the resulting data sets to test alternative theories. Email me if you have any problems or questions.

Download data and files

Download the log file for